minirokushi said: How long have you been playing piano Snake? You sound great! Also what model keyboard do you have?

Nah, but thank you.

And a Casio LK-92TV

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One major mistake, a handful of minor ones.

Still better than earlier.

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Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.

This is nowhere near performance quality, nor is it the complete song. I was having trouble getting through the whole thing without mistakes, so I took an excerpt of an hour and a half-long practice session and called it a day.

Had to leave in the whir of the AC due to audio distortion when I used a noise removal tool.

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A tiny example of why I primarily record or stream at night.

solarcandydrops said: Is there a song you could sing all the way through, but you never will because you regret knowing it?

I know pretty much all the words to all of the songs from Josie and the Pussycats.

It’s my sister’s fault, I swear.

dreaminginfinitely said: Is the "msfactual-anon" tumblr account yours? I just want be sure I'm not following any people who are not who they claim to be.

This is my only account.

jablesblack said: Hey snake, me again. I have been troubled by something all week. Last Saturday, on late nights, Cry said "Snake, take off your voice changer and show them your real voice." (paraphrasing) Then, someone, allegedly you, said in a high pitched voice "Hey guys!". Snake, was this you?

I’m suppressing the urge to be untruthful.

No, that wasn’t me.

chrisy-love said: Are u the real snake?


peizur said: Snake, how can I get my friends into TTRPGs? They're afraid of becoming neckbeards. We played one session of D&D, and they seemed to enjoy it, but we had to have a long hiatus due to no one being available, and when we finally got together,t hey said they didn't want to play anymore because the felt like losers. Any advice?

If they play video games, watch films or TV, read books, attend plays, or absorb art, point out that D&D is conceptually no different. As a player, you’re there to enjoy at length the work that someone else has created. What makes it different is that you’re able to interact with that work as much as you want. In its most pure form, role playing is group storytelling.

That said, it’s not for everyone. If they aren’t to be convinced, seek greener pastures, at least in the case of D&D.

jablesblack said: Dear Snake, as an aspiring songwriter/author, I must ask. How do you get over writer's block?

Try centralizing whatever you’re writing to a certain word, phrase, or idea—kind of like a thesis statement for an essay, but not quite. It’s not always possible for me to do, but the writing just flows when I can.