starbornazzy asked: What's your opinion (outside of the current plot) of a good necromancer. Would they be good or would they be forced to stay at at least neutral

I don’t think any magic, like any science, is inherently ‘bad.’ I think that exploring some areas demands of the practitioner to live in the morally gray, but that doesn’t make them evil, nor does it limit them to neutrality. Intent is key.

annemayfair asked: What is the rough time period for the kingdom of Nede? I imagined it somehow corresponds with northern Europe around the 11th century, but I might have gotten the wrong impression.

There is no one set time period that I’m using for a basis. Inspiration comes from about half a dozen periods and locations throughout history.

madderschnitzel asked: Hi, I was wondering how you pronounced "Sioux". I am really tired of reading it as "Sow-ex" in my head because I know it's not right. Thank you.

Suppose that’s better than the ‘See-ox’ I typically get.

Think of it as ‘Sue.’

Stop laughing.


You nearly made me shit myself.
Son of a bitch-


You nearly made me shit myself.

Son of a bitch-

kazam90 asked: I used to be addicted to the hokey-pokey but I turned myself around.

You sent me five. Five orphanages just exploded, and you are the cause.

I hope you’re happy.

So I had this dream.

I was playing a game—as in, a live-action physical game—that was essentially a boss rush. Multiple bosses ‘spawned’ at once, and they all had health bars with names. Among them?

Angry Bee. Angry Bee was, well, a bee, and it was the size of a Japanese hornet. If that wasn’t bad enough, Angry Bee had this ability where it would land and spawn an unseemly amount of tinier, angrier bees. You see, Angry Bee’s body could grow into a full beehive, and out would fly a fury so swift that Nicholas Cage would have died at the sight alone.

The Spider. A crazy multicolored arachnid about the size of Angry Bee that only spawned other spiders once you killed one. It was like one of those Russian dolls if those dolls took lessons in manners from Eddie Brock.

Dragon Wing. Literally an anaconda with wings. By the end of the dream, it had just landed on me and kept me pinned beneath its girth for the remainder of the dream. It was pretty embarrassing, really.

I need a drink.

mexicanfood420 asked: I'm laughing so hard at the puns right now in part 4 oh my gods how do you not find these hysterical

Because I have a soul.

Navi as a SEAL would be as deadly as it would be adorable.

Navi as a SEAL would be as deadly as it would be adorable.

squeebs-shiru asked: Hello, Snake. Not sure if this has been asked yet, but as your alias is Snake, do you see yourself more as Solid Snake or Big Boss? Just a questioned that popped in my head, and now I'm curious.

Hard to say. I identify with both pretty much equally, but in vastly different ways.

I’ve been curious about this myself. What do you all think?

hellomoonshineee asked: Hello sir. Not exactly game related or anything but just asking since I like your style of writing. :) Anyway I'm currently in high school and applying for a program there. The forum requires you to write about yourself and I was wondering if you can me some tips? I find it rather weird and difficult to write about yourself without sounding stupid or conceited and things like that.

I am the worst person to answer this question.

I’ve written multiple speeches about why writing about yourself in that way tells an audience nothing about who you are. It’s like having to give someone a resume without the faint glimmer of hope for a job at the end. You can prop yourself up with past experiences all you’d like, but saying you worked at a place for three years tells nothing of how you conducted yourself, what you took away from it, how it shaped you. You’d might as well be reading from a history book. It bugs the hell out of me.

But I digress.

If you absolutely have to do something like this, my typical strategy is to pick one or two experiences and talk about them as vividly as you possibly can. Favor what you thought over what you did.